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Junior Handling Information

Jr. Handling is a sweeps class, therefore it will have a CASH prize.

Judge Sunday 10AM
Jeaninne DePalma USA


1. Entry must be made on a special entry form as provided by The CMA and available from the Show Secretary and must include the following information:

a) Date of event.

b) Name, address, telephone number, date of birth, signature of Junior Handler's guardian

c) Class entered, breed of dog to be handled.

2. A Junior Handler may compete with any dog, provided he/she has the consent of the owner or agent to do so, and has complete control of said dog

3. The Junior Handler will wear the armband number assigned

4. If necessary, due to conflict, substitution of a dog will be allowed

5. Dogs being used in competition MUST BE OF APPROPRIATE SIZE AND TEMPERAMENT FOR THE JUNIOR HANDLER. Handlers who are unable to control their dogs will be excused.


(a) Junior Class 7-11; This class is for handlers 7 years of age and up to and including 11 years of age on the day of the show

(b) Senior Class 12-18; This Class is for handlers 12 years of age and up to but not including 18 years of age on the day of the show

Entry fee

Pre entry and day of show entry is $5.00($4US)


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