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All Breed Breeder's Sweeps

ALL BREED BREEDER'S SWEEPS are for breeds recognized by the Federation Cynologique International(FCI), Canadian Kennel Club(CKC), American Kennel Club(AKC), United Kennel Club(UKC), American Rare Breed Assoc.(ARBA), Rare Breed Club of South Western Ontario(RBCSWO). Dogs will be judged under the FCI breed standard where there is no FCI standard we will use the standard from another registering body.

The entry will consist of 1 adult and at least one off spring. The classes will not be broken up into breeds but broken into sires and offspring and dam and offspring. (the offspring can be male or female for either)

The judge will decide which dog has reproduced himself or herself the best.


The Breeder's Sweeps will have a CASH PRIZE.

Saturday 2PM
Frank Podgorski(USA)

Entry fees-

$25 pre entry ($20US)/$35 Day of Show ($28US)

Pre entries open June 1st 2005 and close August 1st 2005

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