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Club Rules & Regulations

Canadian Molosser Association, any hosting Kennel Club and/or its agents, will use due care and diligence for the welfare of dogs and exhibitors but will not be responsible for or assume any liability in the event of an accident, injury or other misfortune, to either dogs, exhibitors or patrons.

Dogs may arrive any time prior to their scheduled time for judging. Dogs not required for further judging will be excused. Judges will not wait for any dog holding up a class. Owner/handlers are responsible for the presence of their dogs when their classes are called to be judged. Every effort will be made to accommodate our exhibitors should there be a conflict of judging, however should the conflict not be resolved the exhibitor shall be responsible to have their charges at ring side.
Breed standards will be followed as listed by the CMA. All Judges decisions are final.

Exhibitors are requested to keep the grooming area and crating areas clean and tidy. Dogs not being exhibited or groomed must be crated. If space is at premium exhibitors must remove private exercise pens if requested by the Club.

It is the responsibility of the Exhibitors to have the dogs at ringside when the dogs class is called.

Exhibitors are requested to keep their grooming and crating areas clean and tidy at all times. This applies to all areas indoors and outdoors.


As much as possible the Events will commence as per the time listed in each premium. In the event there are Specialty Shows/events held in conjunction with a weekend of shows the times may have to be changed to allow for a smooth running of the shows/events. Where possible times will be published at the Show Secretary's table at the show.

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